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About HapChan

The Corporate Values

In Hap Chan, we make decisions as a company, and as individuals based on our Corporate Values. Hence, we practice all these values and expect no less from each other. These exist for all members of the company to read, to understand, to live by and make CHRIST the center of our harmonious professional path.


We always excel and this is evident in our performance. We always have the highest level of initiative and anticipate potential pitfalls and ready applicable solutions. We set high standards for our work and we strive continually to innovate.


We are sincere, just, and trustworthy in dealing with customers, employees, business partners, and the community. We have sense of urgency and always give immediate attention to things that matter.

Responsible Ownership

We act with an owner mentality. Its up to me. We work with the future in mind, for the long-term good of the company, employees, customers, and the community, and we are eager to take on big challenges.


We always walk our talk and stand by our values and principles. We act ethically and demand trust from others through our actions, and we are motivated by a relentless pursuit for what is true and fair.


We care for and are concerned about our customers, employees, business partners, and the community. We are always ready and happy to help, and we are genuinely compassionate and kindhearted.


We are one team and we work best when our individual talents and geniuses work together with mutual respect and tolerance for each other, and we create productive partnerships with everyone we deal with.

The Company

HapChan Company

Hap Chan Teahouse is a showcase of the superior food quality and friendly neighborhood service of the authentic Hong Kong Tea house. Starting out in 1997 as a small tea house in Manila, and serving only the Filipino-Chinese favorites: Mami, congee and dim sum. It began franchising its restaurant chain in 1999 through Hap Chan Trading and Management Corporation and has slowly grown its menu. A popular stop for dinner fare, the Hap Chan Dakota branch counts among its customer, standing in queue: senators, judges and various official holding offices nearby.

The Corporate Operation

Hap Chan Trading and Management Corporation is behind the expansion of the business-responsible for the establishment of the four Hap Chan business concepts: Seafood Restaurant, Full Restaurant, Tea House and Express. Despite having different concepts and slightly varied menu selections depending on site locations. Hap Chan has always been committed to offer authentic Hong Kong dining experience showcasing superior food quality and friendly neighborhood service-traits that the company has been known for. The company has four revenue-generating operations: the Branch Operations, the Commissary, the Franchising, and the Fabrication Divisions. The commissary is the central kitchen of the chain. Its thrust is to monitor and enforce the strict standards of quality for all food and non-food supplies. The Fabrication Division manufactures kitchen equipment to ensure standard and efficient flow of kitchen operations in the stores. The Franchising and the Branch Operations, on the other hand, are aimed at establishing the four business concepts in more locations nationwide to reinforce our position in the market.

The Vision Statement

To establish a strong network of 100 stores by 2020 and maintain our status as the leading Chinese restaurant chain in the Philippines offering authentic Hong Kong Tea House cuisine and dining experience at an affordable price in a modern and contemporary ambience.

The Mission Statements


To consistently delight them with a showcase of superior food quality, friendly neighborhood service where they can enjoy the unique Hap Chan dining experience at reasonable prices.


To treat them with equal respect and dignity, provide them with a good working environment and opportunities for personal, professional, and career development.

Business Partners

To treat them with respect, fairness, and professionalism, lead and assist them in their business endeavors with the company to help achieve optimized financial performance.


To conduct our business with social responsibility through exemplary corporate governance and citizenship, and do our share in protecting the environment.

The Company at a Glance

Since its inception in 1997, Hap Chan Teahouse has slowly grown its menu and established fifteen (15) stores by year 2009.
On September 2009, a new group of entrepreneurs joined the management to improve its commissary and restaurant operations by introducing new methods to ensure Hap Chan restaurants remain in the forefront of its kind in the food service industry. The company started its aggressive expansion in 2010, from fifteen, it continuously grow its business as far as Gen San and Tuguegarao. To date, there are eighty (80) above branches nationwide.